Monday, 7 December 2009

A trip i had a few days ago.....and mayan prophecies and other things on my mind

The other night i decided to take some LSD with a few very close friends so that we could meditate and focus our minds and search within ourselves for answers, i wasn't sure about taking it because i had been put on the spot and it was a spontaneous idea, my girlfriend had work the next day and had decided to go to bed, i usually like to plan my trips because I've had a few experiences where i feel i may have had some sort of breakdown or ego death maybe just ego loss that's how i can only describe it. The trip started of all nice and wasn't to intense, it felt like the trance i have on mushrooms when i have inner peace i feel like I'm floating on a cloud not worried about anything. All of a sudden the nice feeling went away and i remembered the feeling that I'd had pretty much exactly a year ago except the last time it was on mushrooms, i felt like i was dying or what i thought dying would feel like, i felt pain, sorrow, horror, dread and i didn't know why. Like last time i had to see my girlfriend as she has this amazing ability to calm me down, so i woke her up and told her i was freaking out again, my friends asked me if i was OK and i said that i was having a bad trip and i needed them to help me. I then decided it would be good for just me and my girlfriend to talk alone in a room, i had to tell her how i was feeling i asked her not to go to work to call in sick just like she did the last time as i knew i would be up all night i could feel it. We talked for 7 hours and i could have sworn that she had taken the drug to, she felt my pain my fear and the rest of the worlds emotions as well....

And then as like last time I realized, we realized something, maybe the truth, I had this amazing feeling although very overwhelming that we were one the whole universe was one, but I felt that we or I had created the universe we made everything from television shows, we had made the past the future but why? I kept being distracted and then coming back to this thought, did I did we did everyone create this universe so that we could express ourselves because we are one consciousness and one being so that we could share our experiences and not be lonely? Had I figured out the truth then my head started to hurt as if I wasn't meant to realize this yet I wasn't prepared for it just yet. Now i don't believe that this is the whole truth i know that i was tripping but I've had an exact same experience on mushrooms and i remembered i said to my girlfriend do you remember? she felt like she was tripping both times as well, she remembered the feelings the thoughts maybe the truth, but within our daily lives we get distracted but why? I believe that it's a test of ourselves so that we may become stronger consciously and ascend to the higher realm wherever this may be. I can remember some of the trip but its hard to focus on it, it's like i was meant to forget some of the stuff i had remembered that i already knew.

It's hard for me to write this but I needed to, I know there is something big going to happen I can feel it i can't explain it i just feel it, last year around January me and my friends discovered Ian Xel Lunghold's talks on YouTube about the Mayan prophecies and while watching i had never felt such truth about anything ever it made complete sense to me, everything clicked into place and it wasn't just me it was me and six of my friends we all believe this and I'm sure there are many others. I need to write this because I want to find others like us seeking truth seeking the future for all mankind. I have stopped taking drugs for fun i only take drugs for spiritual journeys and to discover more about the universe and my self personally. We have decided as friends to prepare for a journey a journey to find others like ourselves to live how were meant to live with nature to travel and live from the land naturally, we are planning where to go very carefully, where we will end up i don't know but i know that we are being guided spiritually towards something amazing. I'm not sure why but i had a feeling that maybe we are meant to go to a place with many others and build something it's just a feeling, a theory, because i have been looking into all the ancient monuments that have been built and when they were built and how they align with certain constellations.

Sometimes i think that maybe my mind will just shut down because i ask myself everyday about the future and about our journey i know it won't be easy, but then i tell myself of course i can, the age of ethics will completely take over and we will be in the age of co-creation, this is my first ever blog and i have so much more to say but i need to think about it before i do, i am trying to reach something very special not just for me but for my friends for everyone and i know there are so many others seeking the same thing there's so much hope within me. My ego gets in the way allot not the vain side or the being full of it side but the angry side the side that gets annoyed at things that i do that others do, the selfish side, but slowly and surely this is going away but it takes time. I have felt selfless before on mushrooms so much love for the world the universe every living thing every conscious being every tree every rock everything and it was amazing, It will be like that one day for us all and forever for infinity.

I am so excited about whats happening to me and my friends and others i would like to hear about others experiences because that is part of why we are hear to share our experiences to appreciate others to know each other better and ourselves, I'm nearly 25 years old and i feel like I've been around forever not physically but something deep inside me my soul. I have grown so much within the last year i feel wiser but there's so much more for me to find out. I know maybe this post has been broken up into lots of parts about whats running through my head from the trip to the Mayan prophecies and the journey, but i would appreciate your comments and let me know if you have had the same experiences or different ones. I'm on to something i know it i feel it, just before i finish i have noticed and Ian Xel Lunghold said this in the Mayan calender that i have which i follow daily to become spiritually aligned with the flow of the universe using the daily sacred sun signs as guidance, he said that coincidence is not just coincidence have you noticed how things fall into place how things are happening how you think of something and it happen that is intuition its just the beginning. I have it all the time i even have dreams not necessarily about something specific but maybe a person being there or someone saying something in the dream and the next day something has happened with that person or something that was said, somebody talks about on t.v or the radio, and its not just me getting lots of people i know have been having similar experiences, i get them everyday something I've said something I've thought and my friends notice it happening to me and themselves all the time its just not coincidence. When we will something to happen it happens I'm sure of it with positive thinking good things happen.

We are leaving this government run society very soon and we are travelling for ourselves and each other trying to get to the truth and i can happily say if something should happen to one of us on the way or me personally i would be happy to die knowing that we that i was trying to find a better world a better universe for us all to live in, to know that we are all gods and creators we just don't know it yet, i would die peacefully away from normal society i would have no regrets, because what better thing can there be to explore the mind the world and help others to find peace and truth and love and create music of course :).

I hope know one thinks I'm crazy i truly believe that the drugs do help me realize things, i don't use them all the time usually once a year, i have started to meditate and this is helping me discover more things about myself, So please leave your comments and Peace love and harmony to you all and don't forget be open to change its happening more and more.